qualitynursingwriters.com is an United States-based service providing custom nursing academic paper writing services. We provide a platform to match writers with customers who require writing help. We recommend users of our service to read and understand these terms of services as they guide our service provision.


Company, website, site, we, our or we are terms referring to qualitynursingwriters.com.

Client, customer or you refer to a person who makes an order for writing service

The writer is the person that qualitynursingwriters.com  contracts to research, write, consult or edit an academic nursing paper

Order or project is a term for a product (an academic paper) that a customer hires us to write or edit

Messaging system is a communication term that we have developed to allow an exchange of messages between the customer, our staff, and order writer.


Our responsibility is to provide customers with original academic paper matching their requirements.

Our agreement with customers starts when we find a qualified writer to write an order for the customer, and we receive payment for this service. It is the commencement date.

The agreement above continues until a period or revision window of seven days after order delivery unless any of the parties terminates it earlier.

qualitynursingwriters.com picks a writer who holds appropriate levels of academic qualification and skills to write academic work according to research and writing instructions.

An order becomes binding when we find a suitable writer for a project and receive payment so a customer cannot ask us to refund payment.

Clients who pay a deposit for their orders should clear the balance at least 24 hours before the delivery date. We have a right to delay delivery until payment of the outstanding balance.


Clients should provide all details relating to their order. We take no responsibility for failure by a customer to provide all order details. Failure to provide information might delay writing and order delivery, but we cannot take responsibility for lateness and ‘timely order completion’ guarantee cannot apply.


A customer should only contact us through methods of contact listed on our website.

We regard all information a customer sends through our official methods of communication to be legitimate and accept it.


We do not tolerate plagiarism and guarantee delivery of original work. Any customer who detects plagiarism on delivered paper gets free revision or refund

  • Our definition of plagiarism is when a writer:
  • Uses words and ideas by other authors as their own
  • Rewrites a source while retaining original ideas without proper citation
  • Uses words or ideas by another author without quoting
  • Copies large sections of ideas or words with or without quotation marks or citing sources
  • Provides false information about the source of quote e.g. attributing work to a certain author when it belongs to another
  • Uses different wording but retains an entire sentence structure of a source and does not mention the original author.

qualitynursingwriters.com does not take liability for plagiarism in materials that a customer provides for the user include.

Money-back guarantee is not applicable if we inform a customer about plagiarism before he or she notices. We rewrite the plagiarized work free.

We cannot guarantee plagiarism free work after editing and proofreading as changes will match requirements by the customer unless the instruction is a rewrite to remove plagiarism from work.

We may appoint an independent reviewer to solve a disagreement between a customer and us regarding a plagiarism claim. The decision is final.


qualitynursingwriters.com charges a commission for the writing service while the writer gets most of the payment by a customer. We may include Value Added Tax (VAT) where it applies.

We can increase the price of an order is a customer adds new instructions to the original. The writer has a right to set a new rate.


  1. We request customers to pay for an order when we are sure about writer availability unless he or she pays up-front.
  2. We may accept a deposit from a customer, but the customer must pay all the balance before the due date for the order
  3. A customer can only get a full refund after canceling an order if we have not assigned a writer. We will deduct payment for the work done by the writer and cancellation fee if a customer cancels an order after assignation.
  4. We have the discretion to offer refunds or discounts depending on the nature of the order


We are confident of finding expert writers for orders hence our reason to accept upfront payments. However, it is not a guarantee that we will find a skilled writer for the paper. We are ready to refund any upfront payment if an order does not get a matching writer.


A customer can provide additional information about an order after payment, but it should not contradict or exceed the initial specifications. We may increase the cost of writing order after receiving additional instructions and information after assignation to a writer.

We can reassign an order if the first writer is unable to handle the project after amendments.

Timely order guarantee does not apply if a customer adds new instructions for an order in progress that increase writing period.


  • Customers can request for amendments to specific sections of their orders if they have adequate reasons showing a paper does not match the instructions. We revise papers free for requests within 7 days.
  • A client should provide all the essential details about revision through a personal account and informing our customer support department. We try to complete revisions within 24 hours, but it depends on the extent of revision.
  • A new price quote applies for revisions after 7 days or when the specified changes are beyond the original instructions.
  • Quality control departments will decide if a writer disputes the grounds for revision.

A customer can make another revision request if a writer does not correct the paper according to a revision request.

Read our revision policy for more information.


Protecting data by our customers is one something we uphold. We keep personal data to facilitate service provision. We secure it properly to prevent unauthorized access, and we do not share with third parties.

We may share data with our partners to improve our services or secure payment system.   Our partners might communicate with our customers when there is a need to improve service.

We do not share personal information except for these reasons:

  • Improve service
  • Fulfill legal requirements
  • Pursue fraudulent transactions


  • We commit to deliver orders on the midnight of the due date and refund all or part of the payments for lateness except in the circumstances:
  • The due date is on a non-working holiday
  • Lateness due to technical problems because of third party activities or factors we cannot control. We will provide proof of any technical issues that cause a delay
  • Illness or death of the order writer
  • Severe illness or death of close family members of the writer
  • Failure by a customer to inform us of delay in order delivery through methods of communicating to customer support or account messaging system
  • Actions by a customer that affect the writing process, such as failing to make clarifications or sending additional instructions on request.
  • Failing to pay an outstanding balance for an order
  • An agreement between the client and writer to extend due date or progressive delivery, meaning that delivery of single chapters does not fit within the last delivery date for the ‘whole order.’


It is our discretion to issue a refund. We use the reasons for money-back request to determine if we will issue a full or partial refund.  Customers get their money back through the same credit or debit card they use during payment.  We issue refunds for payment by money transfer companies like PayPal or direct bank deposit through the same way we received it.  We grant customers a choice of retaining the amount due for refund in their qualitynursingwriters.com account as a credit for future orders.

We do not accept a refund request if:

  1. Actions by a customer such as an amendment may have contributed to reducing the quality, and the first submission was likely meeting the standards
  2. We determine that order instructions are subject to ambiguity or different interpretations
  3. The instructions by a customer provided regarding the order were incomplete or different from full task requirements and contributed to the low-quality standard
  4. We cannot make any refunds when a customer approves an order but later changes mind. Customers should review their work thoroughly during the preview stage to identify any errors or failure to follow instructions and ask for revision.


We have respect copyright and ownership of content by authors, and we expect the same from our customers.

A customer who seeks our service should know:

  1. Model papers we deliver are not a guarantee to copyright
  2. Our writers and all members of staff do not engage in plagiarism. Likewise, we have a right to deny services to persons we suspect to engage in plagiarism activities
  3. Our writing service involves finding a suitably qualified writer to research and writer customized paper that helps a student to gain more knowledge. It does not give customers express permission to use part or all the content as their work.
  4. Customers should refrain from unauthorized distribution sale or display of the model papers we write for them. We may grant them ownership upon delivery, but they do not own the copyright for research work. We also do not resell papers delivered to past clients, and anyone who gets a paper from us should not share content for reuse to write other assignments.
  5. We have a right to deny service to persons or organization that we suspect of violating the copyright in any way. The offender is liable for damage or loss as a result of unauthorized use of our work.


Academic institutions use different marking rubric and all professors have different expectation from academic papers by their students. We cannot guarantee that a tutor will assign a particular grade.  Our customers should verify a paper before submitting it and ensure it meets the standards set by the faculty.

On the strength of the above explanation, a customer cannot ask for a refund because a paper does not fetch a particular degree. Students should use our papers as research models for their assignment.


qualitynursingwriters.com does everything in our powers to protect the users of our website from fraud. We also have safeguards to prevent users from circumventing the privilege to use our services.  Some of the actions that we consider to be fraudulent are:

  1. Unwarranted charge back
  2. Sharing personal information with writers or other staff to communicate or transact outside the methods that we provide.
  • Use of unauthorized methods to make or receive payment.
  1. Impersonating another person
  2. Opening many accounts with different names.
  3. Obtaining and using writers’ intellectual work without any or all payment.
  • Misrepresent and uploading fake payment or verification documents


qualitynursingwriters.com offer writing as well as related academic services such as proofreading, editing, formatting and referencing. We regard it consent to communicate about our products services and promotions when a customer shares contact details.

We send messages about products that notice could be of your interest through SMS/MMS, email, phone calls, and social media.    We limit the communications to only the most necessary. Sometimes we send just one a month. Recipients have the right to refuse to receive promotional messages.


  1. We are not liable for the following issues that are not within our control.
  2. Lower than expected grades after using our products as we cannot influence the markers.
  3. Any disciplinary action, suspension or repercussions taken by a school when a customer uses our service and submits a product as own work. Our responsibility is to protect privacy and identity.
  4. Inability to use our website and services due to navigation challenges, login errors, or outages
  5. Disruptions or delays in our website or inclusive services.
  6. Malicious software, harmful viruses, or bugs that a gadget may obtain while accessing our site or its services. We take precautions to secure our sites, and such happenings are not due to negligence.
  7. Glitches, inaccuracies or errors on other site or services.
  8. Damage to a hardware device when accessing or using our services.
  9. Actions, inaction, or content by third parties linking to our site.
  10. Suspension or other measures we take about your account.
  11. Service postings, ratings, feedback and recommendations


The copyright for reviews and feedback that you leave on our website belongs to us. We can use them for site and service promotion.    We accept all sorts of feedback, but it should not undermine the integrity of the feedback system. We can suspend or terminate an account at our discretion because of feedback or rating that we believe has an intention to subvert our feedback system.

qualitynursingwriters.com has the right to change the terms of services entirely or partially without prior warning.  We recommend that users of our website should read them often and determine if there are any changes.