a daily diary of food

We did it! Now, how did YOU do?

Please provide a paper that includes:

A summary of a daily average of your 5-7 day food diary (Calories and macros per day). Print outs from apps or websites are fine.

A weekly average exercise diary (ie x times per week of x minutes and x calories)

Write a paragraph analyzing calories, macro-nutrient details, fat and sugar intake. Compare it to your goal grid. Comment on if the results were expected.

Write a paragraph discussing what you succeeded at and what goals you did not meet. Include how you could try to meet that goal if not. Describe strategies to help. ie “I should stop buying ice-cream” or “If i put my gym clothes on in the am , I am more likely to exercise” or “I eat more on Wednesdays when I work late because I snack, so I should plan my meal ahead”

Lastly, a paragraph on the most important thing you learned in class and any suggestions to improve the class. Was there anything you wanted to learn that wasnt covered? Resources you loved or never used?

Feel free to contact me at any time for questions or thoughts! Best wishes on both your education and your fitness pursuits!! CB

For a summary in points (100 total):

10-Food diary included for 5-7 days

10-Exercise diary for 1 week

20-Analysis of calories, macro, sugar and saturated fats (too high? too low? just right?)

20-Comparison to grid goals (meet them?)

10-How exercise of the lack of it helped or hurt you

20-Strategies for food and exercise improvement or maintenance

10-What you learned/suggestions

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