american history 109

Please read the instructions carefully

You will complete a short (2.5-3 page) paper in which you will think about the list of questions below and construct a written response that answers those questions in an essay-type format. In other words, DO NOT simply write the numbers and give a short answer to each. You should answer the questions within the essay itself. This means that you do not have to answer each question in order, but can incorporate your reactions to the questions however you wish in the paper. The paper should conform to the guidelines below to earn full credit. You may use information from other course materials if relevant, but the book should be the PRINCIPAL source of information. You MUST specifically use a MINIMUM of FOUR (4) different readings from the collection in your paper.

Questions to Answer:
1. What common experiences did the ex-slaves in these narratives have, and how did these commonalities shape their stories? What do their stories tell us about their time and place?

  1. What were some of the differences in the experiences of the ex-slaves in these slave narratives? What do their stories tell us about them as individuals?
  2. Select any two (2) of the following themes and explore how the sources in the book explain the importance of these themes in their personal experiences: gender, family, religion, economics, geography, or freedom.
  3. Finally, how did this book further your understanding of American History? What did you learn about the history of slaves/slavery from this reading that you did not know before?

Guidelines for the Reaction Paper Assignment

I will enforce the following page margins/font/page number requirements STRICTLY. Make sure your computer margins are all set at 1”. It must be double-spaced. You MUST use Times New Roman 12 point font, and the paper MUST be numbered (either bottom center or top right hand corner). Also, include your name in the numbering system (i.e.: Jones 1, Jones 2, etc.).

Do not “stuff” your first page with unnecessary information (class/section name/number, my name/Mesa College, etc.). Your first page should begin thusly:

Your Name (Left adjusted, first line)

Date (Left adjusted, second line: Single spacing between the name and date)

One blank space

Title of the paper (Centered, either underlined or in italics)

One blank space

Your first paragraph (From this point forward, the paper should be double-spaced)

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