anwser the questions

The CHALLENGE QUESTIONS will be emailed to you. Please submit the answers to the assignment folder in D2L. The CQ’s are worth 35 BONUS POINTS.

Within the Virtual laboratory exercises were 13 “Challenge Questions”. Some of the questions are listed below. Point values for each question is indicated. This is BONUS; there is NO PENALTY for not answering a question.

Virtual laboratory #1

  • What advantages are there to storing DNA in the form of chromatin?(2 pt)
  • If the cell wall creates a solid barrier between plant cells, how do they communicate and exchange substances?What is the name of the structure that connects cells through the cell walls and how does this create a continuous symplast throughout plant tissues?(2 pts)

Virtual laboratory #2

1.Given the effect of a competitive inhibitor on an enzyme-mediated reaction, what could be changed to overcome the effect of this type of inhibition? (3 pts)

Virtual laboratory #3

  • Why do you think the caloric requirement is highest in this age range?(2 pts)
  • Using the phrase “energy malnutrition”, find out which of these three nutrients is most limiting in global diets and how common that limitation is.(3 pt)
  • Specifically, cholesterol can be converted to one of the vitamins essential in our diet.Which vitamin is derived from cholesterol and how is it produced?(2 pt)
  • What vitamins are required the most in your diet?(2 pt)
  • What elements?(2 pt)
  • What combination of foods should you be eating to get these vitamins and elements?(3 pts)
  • Think about your diet and ask yourself which of the indicated foods are missing in adequate amounts in your diet?(2 pt)

Virtual Laboratory #4

  • Why is this random orientation important?How does this contribute to the genetic diversity resulting from sexual reproduction?(3 pts)
  • Referring back to the textbook, what other factors besides the ones listed above contribute to genetic diversity?(3 pts)

Virtual Laboratory #5

  • Based upon the way the data is changed, what pattern of selection is occurring here? (1 pt)
  • If you look again at the subpopulation sizes, you’ll notice that the number of AA males is much smaller than the number of AA females.Why do these differences in the number of each gender emerge?(3 pts)
  • Looking back through the simulations you’ve run, what evidence, if any, do these simulations provide about the interaction of these alleles?(2 pts
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