Assignment and Essay about Web Security computer science homework help

Web Vulnerabilities Module Assignment

  1. Give examples of active content on the web.
  2. While we tend to think of technology vulnerabilities, users can make mistakes on the web too. What is this known as, and give an example.
  3. Cookies are important to the correct functioning of the web, but also introduce some privacy concerns. Give an example.
  4. How does cross site scripting work?
  5. There are two primary types of XSS attack: persistent and non-persistent. How do they differ?
  6. What are the fundamental security differences between Java applets and ActiveX components?
  7. What is clickjacking?

In an essay form, develop an example of an XSS vulnerability and an exploit which displays it. You will be expected to include a snippet of code which illustrates an XSS vulnerability and also provides some general discussion of XSS vulnerabilities.

Your response should include:

  • APA formatting: cover page, references page, 12-point Times New Roman, and double spacing
  • Include a cover page formatted to APA specifications
  • Include a references page and at least two references beyond the course textbook
  • Length: one to two pages (double-spaced)
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