Career Development health and medicine homework help

Practitioner Experience (50 Points)

As you continue your academic work in healthcare management, you will certainly be thinking about your career. Whether you are new to your program, or transitioning into a new area of your program, now is the time to explore careers and get to know as much as you can about careers in healthcare management. The more you learn about your career choices, the more you will also think about how your skills and experiences align with the different choices you can make.

In this assignment, you will get to know the information and resources that are available to you at the Student Career Center. Using these resources, you can complete a personal and career evaluation, begin to assemble (or update) your Career Portfolio, and explore internships and volunteer opportunities. While you will not turn in your Career Portfolio as part of this assignment, you will want to begin to build your portfolio to help you complete this and other career development assignments in future courses.

Assignment Preparation/Activities

  1. Go to the CSU-Global Career Center and scan the site so that you know the kind of information and resources you will be able to find there.
  2. In the Career Center, read Personal and Career Evaluation. Download and complete any worksheets that will help you complete your assignment.
  3. In the Career Center, read Landing a Job/Internships and explore and
  4. Conduct an online search in two areas related to healthcare management:
    1. Volunteer opportunities in your community
    2. Identify (and bookmark) professional societies and certifications in healthcare management that interest you.

Assignment Requirements

Develop a well-written 2 page paper doubled space paper that includes the following:

  1. One internship position – Include a link to the internship description and provide a summary of how this position relates to your career goals.
  2. One volunteer opportunity – Include a link to the description for the volunteer opportunity and provide a summary of how this opportunity relates to your career goals.
  3. One professional certification – Include a link to the description of this certification and summarize the qualifications required to obtain certification, as well as the value provided by the certification.
  4. A summary of your Personal and Career Evaluation. In your summary, include a discussion about why you are interested in a specific career and your experience of completing the evaluation. ** DO not go into to much detail this should be an easy paper**
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