case study managing in the global environment

For this Case Study you are required to:

  • Find a recent print media article (within the last 5 years) about an organisation that has been reported for unethical business practice/s. You are required to attach the media article to your case study
  • Discuss the ethical responsibilities of the organisation doing business in that country and/or industry. To discuss adequately you are required to include what their responsibilities are and why you believe they are responsible
  • Use the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact as a framework to analyse the case.
  • Identify which UN Global Compact Principle/s this case breaches. If you have identified more than one Principle chose only one to discuss how this organisation has breached the Principle
  • Apply business ethics and corporate social responsible theory from your textbook, lecture material and Vuws learning materials from this unit to analyse this case
  • Provide two recommendations to such an organisation to enable them to increase their globally responsive business practice/s in the future


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