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The Body of Your Essay

You should have written the introduction to your historical analysis essay, and now it is time to start drafting the body of your paper. In this exercise, you will be required to draft three paragraphs that will go in the body of your paper.

I would like to analyze the Civil Rights Movement using a military lens. As a service member myself, I am urious what the military personnel felt regarding segregation.Was the military service also segregated? Were the African American treated any different in the military?When segregation was no longer legal, did the military welcome the change?

A primary source I found fascinating is, “BLACK NURSES IN THE GREAT WAR: FIGHTING FOR ANDWITH THE AMERICAN MILITARY IN THE STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS” found in the SNHU library.This is a first hand account of African American nurses during the Civil Rights movement in the early1900’s.

Another primary source pulled from the SNHU Library is, “War! What Is It Good For? : Black FreedomStruggles and the U.S. Military From World War II to Iraq”. This source includes personal accounts ofsoldier involved in war and the Civil Rights Movement

A secondary source I would like to use comes directly from is endorsed by the Army and summarizes two soldiers experiences with the Civil Rights Movement.

Another secondary source that caught my attention is from This source goes into great detail about different lenses of the Civil Rights Act andspecifically more detail about the military’s involvement and the changes that were made.

an explanation of the topic and argument, an overview of evidence, andyour thesis statement.

African-American men and women who served during WWII and the Korean Warnumbered more than 1.5 million, despite enduring racism and discrimination on thehomefront and within the ranks. In addition to returning with heightened expectationsbecause of their battlefield sacrifices, many returned with unique perspectives on lifeand liberty, especially since many had been exposed to Europe and its more tolerantracial climates. Black military members also gained communication, organizational andleadership skills they might have never acquired as civilians, Taylor said.

Thesis:Although war heroes, serving crucial roles in WWII and Vietnam, African-American soldiers returned home to discrimination, continuedsegregation and were not given their deserved veterans benefitsIntroduction:African-American soldiers, although facing discrimination within theranks, gained valuable skills they would have never as civilians. Withtheir power and education, they expected to come home as war heroes

as their white counterparts had. Upon their return, African-Americansoldiers were faced with relentless adversity and discrimination. Therights they had earned themselves overseas weren’t recognized but thewhite civilians were handed these rights simply for existing.“When you goout there on the battlefield and you’re fighting for your life and the lives of the peopleyou’re serving with, it’s a big difference compared to the ordinary citizen who did notserve, The country is then indebted to that person. It’s an obligation.” (Bell, 2017).

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