discussion 4184

Pick one of the following topics and post your thoughts in the Module 5 Discussion Area. Make sure that you cite the texts and draw from your own personal experience when answering these questions. Postings should be between 4-5 paragraphs long.

a.Why should a nonprofit organization be concerned with risk management? Describe an instance in your time as an employee, volunteer or consumer when you realized a need for risk management or when you noticed that an organization took great care to protect themselves and others.

b.Explain the purpose and structure of a nonprofit organization’s board of directors.

(Individual Activity) Reply and provide feedback to the postings of at least 2 other students.

a. One reply must be to a student who addressed the same topic as you.

b. One reply must be to a student who addressed a different topic than you.

Please note, if no one answers the same or different topic as you, you can simply respond to any 2 postings.

c. Replies should be 2 – 3 paragraphs long.

Grading Rubric



(Individual) Posted in the Discussion Area Citing texts and personal experience.

4 points

(Individual) Responded to at least 2 other students

1 points

Total points possible

5 points

Remember…points will be deducted for late submissions, incomplete work, not posting in the right area, and for responses that are lacking depth (responses must be longer than “I agree” or “Good job.”).

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