Please review discussion and respond to instructor’s question. Please provide at least one scholarly resourse and in text citiations where necessary. Response should be 75-100 words min

Initial Post: The definition of sociopsychological perspective is the feeling of inclusion within a mezzo or macro level of the community. It is the behavior of the community that represents acceptance and importance as a integral part of the function of the community. When compared to the social system perspective, it differs in that the social system concerns how all the parts of the community work together. It defines the role a person plays or an organization plays on the functioning on the larger systems of society within a specified community.

The sociopsychological perspective could benefit Fabian based on his standing within the community. Since he is a respected and accepted part of the larger community, there are valuable resources available that could resolve the issue he is facing with his neighbor. Since the neighbors are unhappy with him operating his business within the smaller neighborhood, he could potentially find a different supply outlet within the community. There could potentially be a store owner that would be willing to allow him to sell his plants within their business. Another option would be if someone has a public property that they would allow him to set up his flower shop on their property. This would alleviate the stress and discourse that operating the business from his home has created.

In my opinion this perspective is the best fit as it pleases everyone involved if the resources are utilized appropriately. The reason I chose this perspective is that it acknowledges that a person with very limiting disabilities can still find a role within a larger community. It also identifies the struggles they sometimes face because of their limitations. This story could also be identified by the empowerment perspective as Fabian took matters in to his own hands by filing all the required documents in order to continue to supplement his income with his plant sales. He was aware his neighbor was disenchanted with him but he did not let that deter him from taking his own personal priorities to level that they needed to be. He refused to be bullied into compliance. He took the steps necessary to take care of himself without relying on anyone else to fill the gap he was feeling in his income.

Instructor’s Comments: Hi everyone Lillian overall great job exploring Fabian’s case. Community connections are dependent on individual compliance and devotion to adhering to established policies (Brower, 2011). Everyone in what ways does compliance with rules play in reducing disorder in your area?

Brower, S. (2011). Neighbors & neighborhoods: Elements of successful community design. Washington, DC: American Planning Association

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