Discussion Implementing a Revision Strategy English homework help

take a look at your paper while asking yourself the following questions:

  • First, looking over each section of the draft, in what area did you feel you did particularly well? What made it so strong, and how will you use these strengths in other sections of the draft that may need additional work?
  • Second, select a single paragraph from your essay that you think needs the most work. Then, using one of the revision strategies outlined in the reading this week, revise the paragraph. Remember to go further than surface-level tweaks like grammar and mechanics—the paragraph should be thoroughly revised.

When you’re finished, post the original paragraph and the revised paragraph to the small group discussion board. Then, in one paragraph, walk us through the revision process you chose and explain the purpose of the revision (how did it ultimately make your essay stronger?). The original paragraph, the revised paragraph, and your explanation of the revision will be your original discussion board post (at least three fully developed paragraphs).

Your response posts should be at least one fully developed paragraph (5-8 sentences) in length.

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