ece311 week 1 discussion 1 RESPONSE l s psychology homework help

Respond with advice on how to address the differences between their teaching philosophy and the required curriculum.5 sentences or more.

Based on this week’s readings, I believe that the creative curriculum closely matches my teaching philosophy. My teaching philosophy is that children learn, and are more successful in their developmental growth, through play. The creative curriculum focuses on ten major areas within the classroom, however it also focus on many areas of development: “social/emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science/technology, social studies, the arts, and English-language acquisition” (Jaruszewicz, 2012, p.2.3). The creative curriculum provides teachers with the structure and a broad range of developmental areas that need to be developed. However, it also allows teachers the flexibility to apply activities and strategies in the classroom. Through this curriculum, teachers help set a child up for success through their observations of their students. As an educator, I can apply play techniques based on the observations that I’ve made. This curriculum would also help me to create a developmentally appropriate classroom because each content area or learning section in the classroom can be improved with an age appropriate kit that the curriculum provides ; for example dramatic play clothes and blocks for the block area (Jaruszewicz, 2012, p.2.3). If I was expected to implement a curriculum that significantly differs from my teaching philosophy, such as the Waldorf or Montessori method, I would do my best to be flexible while meeting the standards or other elements from the different curriculum. The idea of play is to have fun and it can be universal across all diversities and differences; so I would use play to help bridge the gap between the children and the new learning objectives, while adapting the important qualities that the new curriculum would have.


Jaruszewicz, C. (2012). Curriculum and methods for early childhood educators [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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