Employment Law WK 4 DB Sexual Harassment liability law homework help

I have attached chapter 9. I think that slide 20- 26 will help with answering this question

Missy, a waitress, complains to her boss, Stuart, that Simon, a frequent patron of the restaurant, has been engaging in what she considers to be sexually harassing behavior. She details Simon’s activities to Stuart and requests that Stuart take immediate action and that she not be required to wait on Simon in the future. Though Stuart assures Missy that he will look into the matter, he puts off the case for weeks, fearing losing a loyal customer like Simon. When he eventually does get around to dealing with it, he only tells Simon that he should go a little easy on Missy and does nothing about Missy’s request to be relieved of any obligation to wait on Simon. Is the employer in any danger of sexual harassment liability, and what effect, if any, will Stuart’s handling of the situation have? How does employer liability for harassment by a co-worker or third party compare or differ with the company’s liability for harassment by supervisors, managers or other top officials?

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