Everywhere she went Rosie a schizophrenia patient thought she was hearing sleigh bells Rosie was experiencing

9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thought she was hearing sleigh bells. Rosie was experiencing

10. Which of the following people is most likely displaying antisocial personality disorder?

11. Mina has unstable relationships with other people, dramatic mood swings, and feels like she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to do with her life. Mina is exhibiting symptoms that are most typical of

12. Aubrey has grown up in a typical middle income family in the United States. He says that he sees and talks to his grandfather, who has been dead for ten years. Aubrey enjoys these conversations. Which criterion of abnormality is LEAST applicable to Aubrey’s behavior?

13. Which of the following scenarios best demonstrates the concept of secondary gain?

14. Which of the following statements about major depression is TRUE?

15. Of these four individuals who recently bounced a check, which one has the attributional style that has been found to be related to severe, long-lasting depression?

16. One of the general guidelines when faced with a friend who confides that he has been thinking about suicide is to

17. At the psychiatric hospital, the receiving doctor correctly guessed that Polly displayed catatonic behavior because she was the patient who

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