Explain how your study of this unit psychology has helped you to develop new insights into the topic area.

Explain how your study of this unit psychology has helped you to develop new insights into the topic area.

Special topics in sport and psychology

Special topics in sport and psychology
This assessment is in two parts. For Part 1, you are required to answer questions relating to a case study concerning the psychological aspects of sports injury (which was covered in Unit 13) and which refers to the video clip below, ‘Harry: coping with injury’. Part 2 involves reflecting on your learning within your chosen option units in Study Topic 4.
Part 1
Case study (1200 words/60 marks)
Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow. You should also watch the video referred to in the case study, ‘Harry: coping with injury’, which is below. A copy of the transcript of this clip can be found in the ‘Other formats’ area of the Module Website.
Skip transcript: Harry: coping with injury
Transcript: Harry: coping with injury
Well, after today. Don’t bounce around like that.
Sit properly. Harry.
We had a medical review today and he didn’t get the greatest of news. He was really hoping that he’d be able to sprint and begin training, but we’re still really looking at another at least four to six weeks of rehab. He’s actually been pretty upset today, which is pretty unusual for him. He’s very, very frustrated right now.
You do everything right, but yet everything still gets worse and worse. I’ve been positive, got on with it, do what I need to do, but yet that doesn’t have any effect on whether you’re going to get better or not or if you’ll be able to do whatever. When you do athletics, it’s your life, especially when you think you can go somewhere and you’re not allowed to do anything. I’m programmed to run. I’m programmed to train. That’s my life. That’s what I want to do, and that’s just like telling someone they can’t live their life.
What’s it been like for you seeing your son not being able to do what he loves because of his injury?
It is a bit stressful. Sometimes you can see that he’s just mildly depressed. The other day, he was crying on my shoulders. Came in and sat down, he was crying, and I really have to tell him, Harry, you have to be very well fit to go and run again because if you go now and you are not fit, you’re only just going to aggravate it and that would be the end of your career.
Welcome to Baywatch.
How was that overall, though?
Can’t we do any jogging in the water?
Not yet, not yet. Eventually, you’ll put a vest on and you’ll do running in the water, yeah, but not yet. I know it’s not running, but it still adds up.
Biggest frustration of my life — crying, sobbing, didn’t know what to do with myself, but Matt, he helped me a lot, ’cause we thought let’s try and think about positive edge. How many people have had a year out to rest, literally just resting your muscles? And if we improve all the other stuff that we need to improve, people should be scared of me.
I mean, this is the time at which coaches are almost more valuable. When things are going well, it’s all easy. When things are tough is when you really need to see whether you have the tools to turn that– turn that around.
Don’t be lazy in the front. It’s the front that needs to work.
The opportunity to race becomes very unlikely, but it can be very tempting to think, well, maybe we can get a race out this year. Those thoughts have crossed my mind, and certainly Harry has challenged me to keep an open mind about could we race this year. He’s so enthusiastic. He desperately wants to compete. It’s frustrating, more frustrating for him because he’s not able to do the things that he wants to do.
If anything, it was a turning point and I’ve learned how to push forward and to never give up hope because, you know, I’ve been blessed with so much talent and I just need to perform and I just need to do what I need to do. You know, it could be a surprise thing where I’m back in a couple weeks or it could be another thing where it takes a couple of months.
End transcript: Harry: coping with injury
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Harry: coping with injury
Case study: Sita’s injury experiences
Sita, aged 26, is an elite level hockey player and a part-time student at university. Sita is no stranger to the injury experience. In the past 12 months she has experienced several hamstring strains and a dislocated shoulder. Her current injury is a Grade II anterior talofibular ligament injury (ankle injury) sustained during competitive match play. When describing what happened immediately before the injury, she said ‘I never saw the challenge coming’. Before the past 12 months, her only experience of injury had been injuries that prevented training and competing for no longer than a week. Sita has also been experiencing some personal problems at home: her father died a year ago and more recently her husband, who is the main breadwinner of the household, has lost his job. She also attends university and has several pieces of coursework that are due in. Sita is very hard-working, but she is struggling with one particular subject.


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