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Personal Evaluation of Primary Event/Committee Assignment:

What went well?

  • Good food, guest really enjoyed food.
  • Good service.
  • Everything was on time and organization.
  • Had all the supplies for the goody bags by the day of.
  • Parking went well with group members directing guests where to park.
  • Did not run out of any food.

What need to improve?

  • Transportation (confuse guest, the location for parking not fix with the information in email).
  • Did not have enough volunteers for our event.
  • Cooler for the drinks was leaking because there was no plug.
  • Needed to be more prepared with all the utensils etc.

Specific suggestions to improve:

  • Have a more defined estimation of guests coming.
  • Have the event at a different place next year because of transportation.
  • Recommend Hooks for next year.
  • Have more event specialized goody bags for guests (personalized koozies).

At least 2 pages (22-25 lines per page)

Do not need sources or references

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