Extremely short essays

Hey guys I kinda need help with these essays .Me graduating kinda depends on it. Please help me out here..


Writing: Principles of Carbohydrate Loading

Write a 300-500 word essay. Explain the purpose of carbohydrate loading. What benefit is it in terms of performance? Give examples of when carbohydrate loading is appropriate and for approximately how long. Give a sample diet for one day of carbohydrate loading; portions are not needed. The emphasis is on food choices. Include three meals and two snacks.

Document your sources and use the writing rubric (DOCX) to see how your assignment will be graded.


Writing: Diagram Female Athlete Triad

In a 200 to 300 words, describe the affects of eating disorders on the health athletes. What are the symptoms that may suggest there is a problem? In particular, outline the female athlete triad and its signs and symptoms.

Document your source


Writing: Sports Dietary Supplements

Review three dietary supplements you find at home or in the store. Describe what you find on the label in terms of content and claims. Identify its ingredients. Discuss what the claims may lead you to believe about the product. Site information from credible sources about dosing and benefits of use. Also indicate your own personal experience if that applies, and what applications the supplement may have other than what the package claims it is used for.

Document your sources

Writing: Pros and Cons of Using Ergogenic Aids

Write a 300-500 word essay. Choose a dietary supplement or ergogenic aid, evaluate it, and decide if it is appropriate using the following criteria:

  • Why are you using it or doing it?
  • Explore alternatives or options available.
  • List pros and cons related to the supplement or aid.
  • Identify your values around using this supplement (why is it important to you?).
  • Identify your plan of action to continue its use or not.

Document your sources


Writing: Stages of Stress Response

Write a 300-500 word essay. Think of an example of a stressful incident or series of events in your life or someone that you know. Relate theses events to the three stages of the stress response. Be specific in discussing the physical effect the stress was having in each stage.

Document your sources

Writing: Food Progression for Infants

Write a 200-300 word response and create a simple diagram including a timeline that shows the progression of food intake during infancy.

Document your sources

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