Final exam essay MLA style at least 500 words and include a work cited page

ENG 102: Final Exam
Open a blank Word document and format your paper in MLA style exactly as you would submit a formal writing assignment. Include the following: heading, header, title, appropriate spacing and margins and, most importantly, signal phrases and parenthetical notes.

Refer to “Teaching Critical Thinking” by Marcia Clemmitt in CQ Researcher through UNLV’s Lied Library and answer the question: should schools do more to foster analytical skills?

Using the report – and, mainly, the two sources in the Pro/Con section – write an argumentative essay that takes a position on the issue. You may use examples, knowledge, and minimal personal experience and observation (no first person).

At the minimum, you should draw from both sources, citing properly, and exercise everything we have learned this semester: summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, synthesizing, source analysis and evaluation, acknowledging elements of an effective & ineffective argument, avoiding logical fallacies, all whileformatting in MLA to support your argument. You must developa clearthesis which indicates your positionand thereasonsin support your claim.Underlinethe complete thesis statement.

Your essay should have a clear introduction, body paragraphs that include counterargument(s) and rebuttal(s), conclusion, and should be at least 500 words.The last page of your document should include a “Works Cited” page.

Essays are evaluated according to how well you:

  • Formulate the issue at hand and develop a strong thesis statement that makes a claim based on grounds.
  • Support that claim with evidence appropriate to the issue, maintaining objectivity by drawing from personal knowledge about the issue and arguments supported in thetwoessays.
  • Address the opposition fairly and/or consider a middle ground.
  • Organize (using the outline options provided in class) and connect major ideas using transitions. Sentences and paragraphs flow in a clear, logical manner. Make use of effective introduction and conclusion strategies.
  • Employ appropriate tone andstandardEnglish grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
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