garbage land presentation

This assignment has to be done in ppt file.


Your purpose of your presentation is to tell the audience about your book and make them want to read your book.You presentation should be 5 -9 minutes long, but no longer than 10 minutes. Presentations will be in posted in the discussion board during finals week .You should include the following:

  • State the main idea, or one most important point of the book.This might not be clear for your book, and you might need to use what was written to guess what the author would say is the main idea.
  • Outline the most important ideas of the book and explain each point.A good way to plan this might be to use the table of contents of the book. In other words, tell what the book is about using the points the author is making, or the information the author uses to prove this point.Create a visual explanation to accompany this idea.This should be a comprehensive explanation of the whole book.
  • Explain two things you liked about the book and two things you did not like about the book.You then need to explain, using examples from the book.Remember this is college and your answers should be well thought out and supported.
  • Your presentation should be about 5-9 minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes.I will cut you off at 10 minutes.Be sure to practice your presentation beforehand so you are sure it fits within this time frame.
  • You presentation must also include a Powerpoint or Prezi to help the audience understand your words.
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