How much each organization has used debt to finance activities?.

How much each organization has used debt to finance activities?.

In a separate narrative please tell me why you chose the companies you selected, why you were doing this, talk about your analysis and what you found overall. Using the Fraser and Ormiston text, Understanding Financial Statements, as a reference, and what we have reviewed in RP1 to prepare, from the financial statements, a three-year ratio analysis for your company. While you can use the Fraser and Ormiston book as a framework I want you to tailor the ratios you use in your analysis to your own industry. Thus, I would expect that some of the ratios would be similar but I would also expect differences because of health care industry. Pick FIVE ratios that you feel are the most important and analyze these companies with these rations, tying your excel financial statements to the ratios (i.e., I need to see an excel sheet with all the financials included). You need to provide some narrative as to why you choose the ratios and explain differences in the ratios, and why one organization looks better or worse than the other

The 2 companies finacial are attached UHC and CIGNA

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Comparative Analysis of Two Non-Profit Health Care Systems in Western Washington Why these two companies? I chose my own healthcare employer, MultiCare Health System (MHS) in Tacoma, WA, and Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA because they are similar in their multi-specialty multi-facility composition. MHS and SMC are often times compared locally in terms of overall strategy and business development. What I learned overall Since stepping into my administrative position in 2007, I have had an opportunity to view some of our key financials for MHS but have never completely understood the complexity and detail. Every month, at our Management Forum, our CFO presents our financial performance which has been very strong in recent years despite the impact of the market on our non-operating revenue. In completing this exercise, I learned much more about how the Finance Department calculates these ratios that our management team has come to rely on as a measure of our sustainability as an emerging healthcare system in the Puget Sound area. In general, I have learned (though certainly am not proficient in): a better understanding of how to identify and translate data from a 990 into Financial Statements for the purposes of analysis how to use ratios to paint a clearer picture of how one organization compares to another in financial performance more about the many different types of ratios that exist and what they mean how to us Excel more efficiently and effectively for the purposes of data analysis More specifically, I learned more about these two organizations by choosing a cross-section of ratios in the following areas: Liquidity (current, quick, cash flow) to gain a better understanding of how these two organizations manage their cash and how quickly and easily (or not) they could cover additional acti


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