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The oral presentation is a research project, not a book report. You must use a minimum of five secondary sources (three academic and two of your choosing) in addition to the primary source; these will be critical responses to the writer and/or the work. You may give a very brief summary of the book, but it must not be the major part of your discussion.

Each student will have five-to-eight minutes to present the topic. Please be ready to begin as soon as the previous student has finished, and please be ready to end your presentation on time, so that the next student can begin. I highly recommend that you rehearse before presenting on Zoom; eight minutes is the absolute maximum time limit, and you will have to stop at that point. Building a presentation through PowerPoint, Prezi or Google Slides is the best way to go. You have to have a visual component to your presentation as well as audio. If you are only working with a cell phone, you will have to figure out how to do both.

How to earn one hundred points (100 pts):

Visual Component (25 pts):

You must have a visual component—use the computer to put together a presentation with PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, or something similar, but be aware that sometimes things don’t work as they should – have a back-up plan. Make sure you can access your presentation for the Zoom class; we won’t have time for you to experiment during your presentation slot. Refer to your visual aid during your presentation; unless your presentation includes audio, make sure that your discussion is well rehearsed and fits into the time slot. Absolutely do not reproduce your outline or abstract and present it as slides—it must be visually stimulating. Do not just present text. Your presentation must be visually stimulating. The Visual Aid is meant to enhance your presentation, not to summarize it.

Presentation (25 pts):

If you are speaking online, make eye contact with the camera. If you look at the floor or the ceiling, we won’t be able to hear you as well as if you look at us directly. Make sure your face is 100% visible during your entire presentation (unless you have slides to show).

Project your voice. Rehearsal will help a lot (as will note cards rather than typed-out whole sheets of paper). Take a deep breath or two, and try to relax.

Be dynamic. If your enthusiasm shows, it will make your presentation interesting. There is nothing more boring than someone droning on in a monotone about something that he or she could care less about. Find something in your topic that interests you. Be creative! Utilize your time well; presentations that come in under five minutes in length (or over eight) will be penalized.

Annotated Bibliography (30 pts):

Be sure to use proper MLA list-of-works-cited format, including alphabetization, hanging indents, double spacing, correct end punctuation (and other punctuation), etc. You must refer to Hacker (or the MLA Guide to the Research Paper). I look at every period, every comma, every angle bracket, and so on. This all must be correct. Do not save your annotated bibliography for the last minute. Most points are gained or lost here. All five sources must be included (one primary and five secondary sources).

Once you have written the MLA citation for a source, you must provide an annotation. Write a paragraph or two about the source—why did you use it? Was it helpful? What did you learn from it? Remember — a paragraph is more than one or two sentences.

Your annotations should be double spaced, just like the MLA citation. Do not put more than two citations on a page unless you have virtually nothing to say about your source, in which case I’d have to ask, why even include it? Remember that your sources must be alphabetized. Hanging indents: 6 pts. Alphabetization: 6 pts. Double spacing: 6 pts. Everything else in the citations: 6 points. Annotations: 6 points. Total: 30 points.

Abstract (20 pts):

You will write a brief summary/explanation of your presentation. Again, this is not a book report. Double-spaced, this should be no more than one page in length (about 250 words). It should be no less than half a page. An outline will not be acceptable. You may exceed the page length by up to half a page if absolutely necessary.

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