i need someone to make changes in my work

the format is not as usual.

You should have to answer the 3 question for each case.

Q1, you answer for case 1 and 3 only.. you skipped case 2 (The Bank of England)

Q3 you mention each case but I can’t see that you addressed the last part of the question which is:

(You may apply one or more of the following concepts in your analysis for this question: Porter’s competitive forces model, the value chain model, synergies, core competencies, and network economics.)

Check out Group6 paper style, they did great job answering the same Q but to different cases, Please u have to address every single part of the question to each case study. I need a paper of the same quality, the professor didn’t fix my project 2 score I paid u fully and u give me C in this .. do this well I can’t ask to re do, I have to get an A

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