layout of the entire manufacturing process this can be done in a workflow format 2

in this assignment due to the pandemic we are on the manufacturing process of this design was cancelled therefore i was told to the following: (i have attached all the needed information about the design so i want it to look as professional as possible and you have enough time to deliver it if anything is needed contact me for more info. the plan was to use wood shop machine , CNC Routes, etc in the provided documents )

a. Layout of the entire manufacturing process, this can be done in a workflow format

b. For each step/operation in your workflow:

b.1 Clearly define the inputs/outputs of the step.

b.2 Define the the actual operation of the the step

b.3 Discuss how you would do quality control for the step

c. Develop a time budget for the entire manufacturing operation (define how long each step will take and how long the entire manufacturing will take).

d. Develop a cost budget for the entire manufacturing operation

e. Discuss the risks in the manufacturing work-flow, how severe they are and what you would propose to mitigate them.

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