make sure do it very effectively and no plagiarism and all 5 REFERENCES in APA FORMAT



very important NO plagiarism


1.Describe what is meant by human factors.Why is it important to consider human factors in design? When in the system life cycle should it be considered and why?

2. Describe the process that leads to the identification of the human functional requirements in the performance of system operation and maintenance.

3. Describe each of the following in detail and provide an example of the relationship to system design:

(a) Anthropometric factors

(b) Human sensory factors

4Describe each of the following, along with its purpose, application, and the information acquired through its application:

(a) Operator task analysis (OTA)

(b) Operational sequence diagram (OSD)

(c) Error analysis

(d) Safety/hazard analysis

5. How does the OTA (Operator task analysis) relate to the MTA(maintenance task analysis) it at all?

6. How does the safety/hazard analysis relate to the FMECA ( Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis) it at all

7 Define life-cycle cost in your own words. What is included (excluded)?

8. What is meant by DTC(Design to Cost)? When in the system life cycle should it be applied? How does it relate to the TPMs( technical performance measures) if at all?

9. Why is life-cycle costing important?

10.Describe the steps involved in accomplishing a life-cycle cost analysis.

Note – very important must me in concept and no plagiarism and all in APA format and please make it very effectively

5 references are mandatory

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