mft lcsw death dying and the impact on the family unit

These are two different questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 150 words, and include an in text cite. The answer should be answered how a marriage and family therapist or LCSW would handle it. Utilize required reading to answer questions.

Question 1

You are assessing a family that has recently come to your practice for assistance. You learn that the paternal grandfather has recently commit suicide shortly after being diagnosed with presumptive Alzheimer’s disease. The family consists of a mother/father, two teenage children (one boy aged 17, one girl, aged 16), as well as the surviving paternal grandmother.

Postulate the impact of the suicide of the grandfather on the overall functioning of the family unit. Using anticipatory guidance, what recommendations/ referrals would you make?

Question 2

You are working with a family that is headed by a widowed father (approximate age, 40 years). His only son (aged 18) has just entered college, and his mother, aged 65 has just been diagnosed with cancer of the lung with metastasis to multiple organs, and has been given approximately 4 to 6 months to live. You have been seeing the widowed father “on and off” since he lost his wife about 8 years ago. He calls on you again stating that he is having trouble dealing with his mother’s illness. He also reports that he does not want to tell his son as he does not want to negatively impact his sons grades. Prepare a posting in which you postulate the various family roles/positions that are being impacted. Describe some areas of anticipatory guidance that the MFT should consider. Also, describe any referrals and client teaching that may be indicated.

Think back to the question you had about working with elders and their families. How would your answer your question now?


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