My company is Apple and Other competirior are Samsmung and LG business and finance homework help

My company is Apple and Other competirior are Samsmung and LG

I have all the details I just need to do a power point about the data i have.


(1) Section 1: Provide an introduction about the company and its competitors: product information, current news etc., just an overall company background.

(2) Section 2: Evaluate the company versus its competitors and industry in terms of liquidity, profitability, solvency, and market ratios. Pick two ratios per category. Prepare ratio analysis for the most current two years available. For example, for liquidity: current ratio and quick ratio.

(3) Section 3: Prepare a common size analysis for the balance sheet and income statement for the company and its competitors for two years.

(4) Section 4: Lastly, would you invest in your company based on the ratio analysis and common size analysis?

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