Nursing  Causes and Consequences of Events in Healthcare

ScenarioYou are the Director of Education in your healthcare organization. Your organization is a teaching hospital, and you are responsible for presenting information to new employees and volunteers during their orientation, many of whom are recent graduates of healthcare programs. This presentation is used to give them a better understanding of why the healthcare system is the way it is today, including a summary of historical events that have shaped the U.S. healthcare system, so that they understand the causes and consequences of these events.InstructionsCreate a timeline for the historical events that have shaped the U.S. healthcare system in the past century. Once the timeline has been developed, create a PowerPoint presentation using the record audio feature to add Voiceover narration.The timeline information should include:A minimum of 20 events with a minimum of a three sentence description for each event.Descriptions should list at least one cause as to why the event took place and at least one consequence it had on the U.S. healthcare delivery system.The voiceover PowerPoint presentation should:Include the timeline information for the historical events that have shaped the U.S. healthcare system in the past century.Describe the events in detail included in the timeline to your audience of new employees and volunteers who are graduates of healthcare programs (e.g., nurses, medical assisting, health information management, medical school residency, etc.).Explain the cause(s) and consequences of each of the events outlined in your timeline.Have a minimum of 20 slides (not including title and APA reference slides).Be at least 10 minutes long.Be visually appealing and engaging to the suggested audience.

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