Nursing  Medsurg 2

NURSING CARE PLAN RUBRICCase Study, Chapter 69, Management of Patients With Neurologic Infections, Autoimmune Disorders, and Neuropathies3.Joan Centers, a 42-year-old patient, presents to the clinic with drooping of the right side of the face with paralysis of the right eyelid resulting in decreased blinking and inability to close the eye. The patient has increased lacrimation of the right eye. The patient complains that the right side of her face feels like pins and needles pricking it, and the pain includes her right eye and behind her right ear. The patient’s speech is slurred and the patient has no control of facial muscles on the right side when swallowing. (Learning Objective 4)a.How should the nurse describe the diagnosis of Bell’s palsy to the patient?b.What medical treatments does the nurse anticipate will be ordered for the patient, and what rationale justifies the treatments?c.What nursing care should be provided for the patient?1) Definition of the medical diagnosisetiology/pathophysiology2) Common signs and symptoms3) Potential complications4) Head to toe physical assessment  you are to write one….5) Diagnostic and lab studiesnormal valuesexpected abnormalities6) ALL NANADA Nursing diagnoses Develop 3 NANDA priority nursing diagnoses8) State a patient plan AND goal for each of the3 priority nursing diagnosis9) Write interventions for each of3  priority nursing diagnosis10) Write  scientific rationales for you youinterventions11) Write evaluation of your interventionsyour plan or make changes12) List of typical medicationscategoryusual dosageside effectspatient teaching

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