Nursing  Week 3 Assignment 6005

My Drug is  penicillinPlease do not copy charts/drug information directly from sources. Put them in your own format. I have included a sample chart that I used in the past.  Feel free to use or modify based on your learning needs. The left side of the chart includes what students need to know about the medication.  On the right side, place the information that you retrieve there. For any references that you use, make sure that they are evidence-based and current.MedicationPut Medication Name Here—i.e.                      penicillinClassificationMechanism of ActionSide EffectsAdverse/Life Threatening Side EffectsAre there any lab values to monitor with this medication? How often should the labs be monitored?Drug-Drug Interactions (include herbal, over-the-counter, and prescription meds)Patient EducationAny additional information related to medication

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