objective develop process to conduct a literature search


Select a topic that interests you (ex. dementia, pain, comfort measures, etc.) to search for evidence that could have a positive impact on your topic of interest.

For example, it has been suggested that listening to music could be beneficial, in a number of ways, for patients with cognitive problems, both in hospital and in the community. You are interested in finding out more about the evidence for treatment, and whether it may calm and reassure patients in hospital with dementia in particular.

Step 1

Plan and prepare your search. Consider the question and think about the population, intervention, outcomes and comparisons that might be relevant.

Generate some word lists for the different components you have identified.

Produce an outline of how the search might look, how you might combine the words together to identify studies of interest.

Post your outline in this discussion board.

Answer the questions below


How many reports did your initial search generate?

How many reports did you get after you refined you search?

What did you learn from this exercise?

What are the pros/cons of online resources that are not professional databases when it comes to developing the literature review?

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