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Theories and Concepts to Help Understand Budgeting and Finance

For the topic on theories and concept to help understand budget and finance this commencing week, I will dwell on the judiciary as a sector of government. Recently the rivers state government in Nigeria rebuilt the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt the state capital. The external building has been in dire need of repairs/renovations and a definition of infrastructural deficit, although all other internal offices and chambers are in good but not perfect conditions for the judges.

This building is a federal project but done by the state government (of course amount spent is expected to be refunded) in a bid to pass a message that the federal government is not living up to their duties and campaign promises. Aligning this project to finance theories and concept, the rivers state government for the purposes of politics has sent a clear message to their opponents and used this breadth taking project as a communication tool. As stated in Laureate Education, 2008c, “a budget being a financial tool … and a political instrument” has been used to the benefit of the judiciary and stakeholders. Finance was allocated for this project in the budget and implemented timorously to meet the pressing need to create more equipped and spacious court halls, conducive chambers for judges, and comfortable courtrooms for lawyers who spend long hours therein. This is an example of planning and allocating the required resources for a budget plan that has been developed and executed.

This project brought about social good, although some persons might still disprove of its merits to society and the quality of the state budget and its finance as a value and great service to the citizenry (Mikesell, J. L. (2014).


Laureate Education (Producer). (2008c). Introduction to finance and budget administration [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Mikesell, J. L. (2014). Fiscal administration: Analysis and applications for the public sector (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth

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