patient satisfaction management in office visits and telehealth in health care technology 2


Patient Satisfaction Management in Office Visits and Telehealth in Health Care Technology

Post a brief description of your dissertation topic and an explanation of the purpose of your study. Explain how your dissertation research might effect social change. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your explanation.

Health care is crucial to the effectiveness of a country’s productivity. Laborers control of the factors of production, the citizens presence is crucial to production and government provides health services to the public. A growing population has made it impossible for government facilities to meet the demands of its citizens. The United States of America has a governmental budget that is expected to cater for the recurrent and capital expenditure needs of the nation. This leaves countries with insufficient funds to allocate to the ministries of health to help them budget for the health sector. This has allowed the private sector venture of insurance and healthcare to offer alternative services. Private companies offer quality services as they employ qualified staff and have acquired the modern equipment that diagnose various chronic diseases. Some private hospitals have more sophisticated equipment than large government hospitals.

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