Philosophy final exam assignment help

Pick one philosopher that we have studied and write an essay that explains how you could use his ideas in your “real” life. Be sure to be specific about his ideas as well as specific in how his ideas could/would affect your relationships with other people, your job, your thinking, and so forth. For your final paragraph (the conclusion), explain what you can envision as potential problems concerning following the ideas of your chosen philosopher. Include any possible ways to overcome those problems so you could make his philosophy an actual part of your life. Directions: In a standard 5-paragraph essay (an introduction, conclusion, and three content paragraphs), please write a well-constructed essay of at least 500 words dealing with this topic. Remember that this is an argumentative essay in which you are trying to persuade your reader to agree with your position. If you refer to something written by a specific author, include some sort of reference that refers back to your source, although a complete bibliographical entry is not necessary.

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