physics project 6

Project details below please read

Please see the attached files for the instructions and report template for the semester project.
Read the “Ultra brief” and “Brief” instructions first, to get an idea of what the project involves.
You are required to work on the project individually, and write the report in your own words.
There are parts in the project where you can collaborate with your partner(s). These are the in Experimental component.
After you finish, please submit the completed “Project_Report_Outline” document to this link.
Also, please submit your PowerPoint slides (as .pptx or .pdf) to this same link.
Make sure that the document you submitted is correct, and it can be opened in eCampus.
Documents that cannot be opened in eCampus (e.g., files with errors or with .pages extensions) will not earn a grade.
Please post the link to your video presentation in the Virtual Classroom.
Please make sure the video plays when you click on it in the web browser. Make sure there are no errors, and you are not required to download the file to your computer to play it.

if you can’t guarantee me an A which is 90 or above please do not bid.

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