please follow the essay prompt

Essay Prompt

Write an Argumentative Essay where you will agree or disagree with Job’s appeal to take risks and follow your dream. Your essay will NOT use any other sources except Steve Job’s speech and will ONLY cite Steve Jobs.

Your essay should have 700 words or more.

Your essay will have

Introduction: hook, background info: who is Steve Job, when he gave this speech, one sentence summary of the speech, and your thesis stating if you agree or disagree and giving two reasons why.

Two body paragraphs that support your position. Make sure to cite Job’s speech and agree or disagree with what he says. Give reasoning and examples.

One body paragraph of counter-argument and rebuttal.

Counter-argument: What will people who disagree with you say?
Rebuttal: What would you say to them?
Cite Steve Jobs in this paragraph.

Conclusion: Briefly restate your thesis and make a prediction or suggestion (or both). No need to cite anything.

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