please look at the requirement section and answer the question

My Job Duties

  • Performs comprehensive Security Control Assessment and write reviews of management, operational and technical security controls for audited applications and information systems.
  • Designs and conducts walk through, formulated test plans, tested results and developed remediation plans for each area of the testing.
  • Manually review logs and provide documentation guidelines to business process owners and management.
  • Ensures that Information Systems users activities were monitored to verify compliance with security procedures.
  • Assist with reviews of current and new systems and applications, including changes to existing applications systems, to assure compliance with Information Security policies and standards.
  • Performs system checks and security assessments.
  • Creating and Installing SSL certificates for Application servers and Web Servers.
  • Designing and configuring Large Web based applications and Security products for clustered environments.
  • Verify that ETL application appropriately rejects, replaces with default values and reports invalid data.
  • Verify that data is loaded in data warehouse within prescribed and expected time frames to confirm improved performance and scalability.
  • Hold and facilitate test plan/case reviews with cross-functional team members.
  • Identify any potential quality issues per defined process and escalate potential quality issues immediately to management.
  • Ensure that validated deliverable s meet and design specifications and requirements.
  • Isolate, replicate, and report defects and verify defect fixes.

Core Courses :

Course 1 – IT Importance in Strategic Planning

Course 2 – IT in a Global Economy

Course 3 – Information Governance

Course 4 – Emerging Threats and Countermeasures

Course 5 – Enterprise Risk Management

Course 6 – Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Please choose a topic which is related to the above courses.

After choosing a topic, please answer the below questions.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Identify a topic in your specialization. (For IT students, Information Technology is not a topic, however, Millennial’s perceptions of smart phone technology could be a topic.
  2. What is the cited problem? The problem you want to address has to come from the literature, and be cited, who are saying there are problems.
  3. What is the population you would like to address?
  4. What methodology are you planning on using? (If you are unsure, do you plan on a quantitative or qualitative study? You will determine your methodology in 839).
  5. Locate at least one article related to your topic. What was the research question in the study? Who were the participants in the study? What findings were reported?
  6. Connection to program goals and core courses ?
  7. Please write 100 words about the topic you choose.
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