Racism and the college campus English homework help

Writing Assignment: Pick one of the suggested topics, and devise a suitably clear thesis statement. Incorporate your thesis into an introductory paragraph. Finally, following the cues from the thesis, outline the points you would use to develop the rest of the essay. This will count as your first essay grade (but you don’t need to write the rest of the essay).

1) Relationship between teacher and student

2) Racism and the college campus

3) The draft, individual liberty, national defense

4) Censorship–Music, movies, books (Choose one area)

The assignment is to write the introductory paragraph for a possible essay. But you don’t need to write the whole essay…just the opening

paragraph, plus a detailed outline of what you would put in the essay. Also, the whole thing can be 1 to 1 1/2 pages..

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