reaction paper 120

After watching the following video clip, Clinical Interviewing: Intake, Assessment & Therapeutic Alliance, prepare a reaction paper in which you address the following topics and questions for your assignment submission.

Video: Clinical Interviewing: Intake, Assessment & Therapeutic Alliance

Video Description: Whether you are in private practice or working in a clinic setting, clinical interviewing skills are essential to your practice. Yet sadly, many clinicians lack a basic understanding of what’s involved in these crucial first sessions. What’s more, resources on how to gather client information are often packaged either as dry procedural steps or vague theories of communication. In this video, seasoned clinical educators John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan present an integrated, actionable combination of interviewing protocols and relational techniques that clarify how clinicians can glean necessary information in the initial sessions while building a strong therapeutic alliance.

Topics and Questions

  • The nondirective approach: What thoughts and feelings arise for you around the concept of nondirective listening behaviors?
  • Cross techniques: Do you agree or disagree with Sommers- Flanagan’s statement that the therapeutic relationship is inherently uneven?
  • Cultural sensitivity: Have you noticed or been made aware of cultural differences in your work with clients? If so, how did you handle it?

Silence: John Sommers-Flanagan says that beginning therapists often find silence challenging as an intervention. Is this true for you?

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