research paper Demonstrate your ability to use web based technologies to communicate computer science homework help

As part of this project, you will publish the research paper on the web and will include graphics and links to related information. Information on your web site must have incorporated instructors’ feedback on research paper and is carefully proofread, spell checked and verified for information accuracy. In addition, your site must not infringe copyrights by using media (e.g. video, images) or text without appropriate permissions.

Project Objectives

  • Demonstrate your ability to use web based technologies to communicate your understanding of a selected technology related topic
  • · Make obvious your ability to seek permission from the originator for the copyrighted material and cite references appropriately
    Project Requirements
    In this project, you will use HTML 5 to publish your research paper on the mason web site. Every page of your research paper is a webpage (title page, content pages, and reference page). There will be a menu on each page of your paper to easily navigate to each webpage of your research paper.
    · Note: Use of HTML editors (MS Word, Dreamweaver, Chrome etc.) is NOT permitted. External Cascading style sheets (CSS) are NOT permitted.
    · Note: You will use CSS to define style, family and size of text used in your website.
    Prior to creating your website, you MUST CORRECT your research paper based on the instructor’s comments on your research paper.
    1. Title Page.
    Your website’s homepage ( will contain a link to your research paper’s title page. The homepage will be the homepage you created in the lab. The link to the title page will be below the link for the syllabus on homepage using CSS unordered list
  • bullets) for the syllabus and the title of your paper. There will be ONLY two links on your homepage – one to syllabus and one to the title page of your paper. The title page CANNOT be your homepage. The title page content will be same as the title page of your research paper – title of your project, your name, date, and GMU Honor Code Statement with active links to GMU Honor Code and GMU Responsible Use of Computing Policy.
  • Additional requirements on the title page:

    • For the GMU Honor Code Statement ONLY – use CSS for controlling style, fonts and size – font-style: normal; use font-family Arial and font-size 1em
    • Provide a link to the PDF document of your corrected research paper below the Honor Code Statement.
  • 2. Content Pages.

    • Cite all references in the body of research paper including those that are paraphrased, in accordance with APA style/format.
    • Each paragraph of the corrected paper will be a paragraph in your website. Do not combine paragraphs. Insure quotations or apostrophe markings are transferred correctly to web page.
    • Additional requirements for content pages: Use CSS for the unordered list and your video created in lab

      • CSS unordered list on the second content page

        • Use list-style-type with square markers and list-style-position with inside position

    Unordered list can be used in listing small amounts of project relevant information as is done in paper formats.
    Do not eliminate text in order to create an unordered list. The use

    • of a list for your project’s menu, for the references, and on the title page does not satisfy this requirement.
  • Use HTML 5 video and source tags to embed video that you created in lab. It must be related to your research paper and placed on your third content page. Remember: the title page is not a content page.
  • Include a link to your mobile app that you created in lab. Remember, mobile app has to be relevant to your research paper. Place the link on your last page (web page before your reference page)
  • Have at least one of the following additional requirements on at least one if not on all of the content pages: Original artwork, Digital photograph and Public domain Clip art

Note: As with any media (video, clip art/image, etc.), you need to obtain permission by the copyright owner to use the media. This is accomplished by checking the site’s documents (e.g. Terms of Use, Terms of Service, Copyright, Legal, etc.) or by obtaining permission directly from owner. You must then follow the directions given for use or non-use. For your movie posted on YouTube, you do not need to obtain further information in order to include it in your website.

  • Original artwork
    • Original artwork created by you in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Paint or other graphics software. A single colored or plain gif or jpeg image does not satisfy this requirement. Using this gif or jpeg image as a background image will not satisfy this requirement.
  • Digital photograph relevant to the chosen topic
      • Digital photograph (you have taken yourself) and is relevant to the topic. The digital photograph file must be in a gif or jpeg image format.
    • Clipart (e.g. gif image). If not stated on the web that the media is free, you must consider the media to be copyrighted, and therefore you must have permission to use the media (video, clip art/image, etc.) in your website.
  • 4. Reference page

    • Cite all references in accordance with APA style/format on a separate webpage.
    • Do not use an ordered or unordered list for paper content references.
    • In addition to paper content references listed in the research paper, include a Website Media Reference section right after your paper content references on the same webpage. The section will be name Website Media Reference. The section will have references for all video, clipart/images, and original artwork used in your website. Do not use an ordered or unordered list in this section of this webpage.
    • Media (video, clipart/image, etc.) reference:

    a. Original video reference will include the following. Description of the video, date of its creation, website URL where it is posted, and the statement “video is original and created by me”.

    Video and clip art/image reference will include the following. Description of the media (video, clipart/image), how it is related to your topic, name of artist/copyright holder, date that you obtained the media (video, clip art/image, etc.), a link to the source URL and a link to the source site’s page granting you permission to use and the conditions of use. The page

  • Each web reference/source will have an active link to the source/database URL including information requested in the research paper instructions.
  • Additional requirement: Add a section at the end of the reference page after the Website Media Reference section. This new section will be name Website Links. In this section, there will be a link to your research paper blog on the reference page and a link to your research paper wiki. Use a CSS ordered list.

Note: This project must be your own work. If you get help from someone else (e.g. The Media Center), you must state this on your references page (be specific).

5.Menu–Use HTML 5 nav tag for creating your menu which will be located at the top of each page of your research paper. The menu will contain links to every page of your project including a link to your homepage. Do not have a menu of your research paper on your homepage.

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