Starbucks s College Achievement Plan writing assignment help

Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Graciano. I’m taking this class from the small town of Spanaway, Washington located about 45 minutes South of Seattle. I am currently studying Film & New Media through Starbucks’s College Achievement Plan. I collect movies and video games and love going to the movie theater. My snacks of choice are Raisinettes with a Vanilla Coke. I haven’t done a lot of writing recently because it’s been about eight years or so since I’ve been in school. The concepts in this course are pretty much brand new to me. I was in school last semester but most of the writing required for courses were simple Blackboard posts and responses, nothing very long or challenging.

Because I haven’t done any writing in recent memory, I don’t have a firm grasp on what my perceived strengths would be in reference to the WPA outcomes. I do, however, know that I am already trying to focus on the Processes learning outcome. I want to developed a personalized process that works for me so that I’m able to efficiently compose my writings and process feedback effectively. I’m most interested in hearing other’s critiques on my work because I haven’t written anything in a very long time that’s been peer reviewed. One aspect of this course that I’m looking forward to is “understand and use a variety of technologies to address a range of audiences.” I was excited to learn that the two main projects would be multimodal. One of my passions is video production and I’m hoping I’ll be able to work in a video component to my digital porfolio.

The two Habits of Mind that I would like to improve on throughout this course is Persistence and Creativity. I feel like these might be my greatest weaknesses. I’m not very confident that I can write something that is engaging and is capable of holding someone’s interest. My biggest fear when it comes to writing is that I’ll write something boring that no one wants to read and perpetuate the myth that reading is boring. Metacognition might be particularly challenging. I don’t really spend much time reflecting on my own work. I don’t really know how to separate the emotion of reviewing my own work from looking at it critically.

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