The diathesis stress approach to schizophrenia assignment help

1. The diathesis-stress approach to schizophrenia represents which of the following conceptual models?

2. Cognitive therapists believe that emotional problems result from

3. La belle indifférence (beautiful indifference) is seen in patients with

4. People who attempt suicide more often are ________ . Those who are actually kill themselves are more likely to be ________ .

5. The areas of the brain that seem to be most affected in schizophrenia are the prefrontal cortex and the

6.Even though it happened five years ago, Erica has been deathly afraid of getting into an elevator ever since she got stuck in one and had to wait for a half an hour for it to be repaired. Consequently, she has moved to a lower, less desirable apartment in her building, changed from a doctor she really liked to one that she does not much care for, and rides the escalator to and from her job on the twelfth floor of a department store every day. Erica is most likely to be suffering from

7. Chicken Little, a character in an old children’s story, was hit on the head by a falling acorn. He didn’t know the cause of his discomfort, so he came to believe that the sky was falling. He developed constant feelings of dread and foreboding, and ran around telling everyone he encountered, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” His symptoms are consistent with which anxiety disorder?

8. Every morning, when George wakes up, he is nagged by upsetting thoughts that something terrible will happen today. When he gets dressed, he buttons his shirt, unbuttons it, and then buttons it again, always from the bottom to the top. He then sets out a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast and he eats exactly twelve spoonfuls of it. At work, he strengthens the fringes on a rug every time that someone leaves his office, and he answers the phone only after three rings. George feels that he if he stops performing these rituals, in exactly the same way, something terrible will happen to him, his wife, or one of his three kids. George appears to be suffering from

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