Twelfth Grade English 1 Early British unit 4 test Macbeth English homework help

1. What is the main theme of Act I of The Tragedy of Macbeth?

a. magic

b. suspicion

c. loyalty

d. betrayal

2. Why are the witches important throughout Macbeth?

a. They create a mood for the play.

b. They foreshadow events.

c. They create tension between Macbeth and Banquo.
d. answers a, b, and c.

3. Why is King Duncan so grateful to Macbeth?

a. Macbeth saved King Duncan’s kingdom from rebels and the Norwegian king.

b. Macbeth captured Scotland for King Duncan.

c. Macbeth defeated Banquo, who was rebelling against King Duncan.

d. Macbeth refused to join rebels in fighting against King Duncan.

4. What is Macbeth’s character flaw?

a. He is a coward. b. He is jealous.

c. He is ambitious.
d. He is not a leader.

5. What do you know about King Duncan?

a. He is a weak king. b. He is a wise military leader.

c. He values bravery and loyalty.
d. He is a coward.

6. What does Macbeth think about the idea of killing King Duncan?

a. He is not sure if it is the right thing to do. b. He is eager to get it done.

c. He is sure it is the right thing to do.
d. He does not think much about it.

7. Lady Macbeth’s reaction to her husband’s news reveals that

a. she believes that Macbeth must attain the crown honestly. b. she believes she must help her husband with his wickedness.

c. she doesn’t believe Macbeth’s words.
d. she doesn’t seem too excited about having Macbeth become royalty.

8. The role of the porter scene in Macbeth is to

a. take the reader’s minds off what has just happened. b. make Macbeth feel that he’s about to be caught.

c. contrast the horror of murder with humor.
d. give the actor playing Macbeth time to relax backstage.

9. Which of the following is an example of a break in the Great Chain of Being in Act II of Macbeth?

a. Banquo murders Duncan.
b. A dagger appears before Macbeth’s eyes.

c. Witches appear and warn Macbeth.
d. A falcon was attacked and killed by an owl.

10. Why does Lady Macbeth drug Duncan’s servants at the castle?

a. She wants to stop them from killing King Duncan.
b. She wants them to sleep while King Duncan is killed.

c. She does not want their help in killing King Duncan.
d. She wants them dead so they will not tell what they saw.

11. Why does Lady Macbeth choose not to kill King Duncan herself?

a. She thinks the king, as he sleeps, looks like her father. b. She thinks Macbeth should do it to prove he is a strong leader.

c. She does not believe a woman should kill a king.
d. The witches said she should not.

12. What does Macbeth mean when he says he will “sleep no more”?

a. His conscience will never let him sleep.
b. He must run away and always look out for people chasing him.

c. He will soon die.
d. He will have heavy responsibilities as king.

13. What does Macbeth mean when he says the blood on his hands will redden all the seas?

a. People will see the blood on his hands and know he is the killer.
b. He can never get over his guilt about killing Duncan.

c. He is afraid to wash the blood from his hands.
d. He is not the only one who wanted Duncan dead.

14. What does Lady Macbeth mean when she says to Macbeth, “My hands are of your color, but I shame / To wear a heart so white”?

a. Lady Macbeth is impressed with her husband’s bravery. b. Lady Macbeth thinks she is a coward and is ashamed.

c. Lady Macbeth thinks her husband is weak because he feels guilt.
d. Lady Macbeth is worried that she will punished in the afterlife.

15. What is the main purpose of Act III of The Tragedy of Macbeth?

a. to present the climax of the play
b. to show how Macbeth’s troubles are growing

c. to introduce important characters
d. to resolve the central conflicts

16. At the beginning of Act III, Macbeth learns that Banquo will not be returning to the castle until after dark. Why is this good news for Macbeth?

a. He wants Banquo to be late for the banquet.
b. Banquo will be the guest of honor at the banquet.

c. It will be easier to have Banquo murdered under cover of darkness.
d. He thinks that Banquo may become lost in the dark and miss the banquet.

17. Why does Macbeth decide to kill Banquo?

a. The witches had predicted that Banquo’s son would be king.
b.He believes that Banquo wants to kill him and become king himself.

c. He knows that Banquo wants King Duncan’s sons to become kings.
d. He knows that Banquo wants him to stand trial for killing King Duncan.

18. How did Macbeth convince the two murderers to kill Banquo?

a. He promised to make them officials in his court.
b. He offered them a large amount of money.

c. He guaranteed that they would not be punished for the murder.
d. He suggested that Banquo had caused all their troubles.

19. During the banquet, Macbeth becomes unhappy and distracted. Lady Macbeth says to him, “Gentle my lord, sleek o’er your rugged looks; / Be bright and jovial among your guests tonight.” What does she mean?

a. Be careful. Your guests are angry and not to be trusted.
b. Don’t look so gloomy. Be cheerful with your guests.

c. You look very rugged. Go clean up before seeing your guests.
d. Don’t be so rough with people. They are your guests, not your enemies.

20. How does Macbeth change between the beginning of Act I and the end of Act III?

a. He no longer hesitates to use treachery to achieve his ends.
b. He no longer wants the respect and loyalty of his friends.

c. He no longer doubts his ability to rule justly.
d. He no longer regrets having killed King Duncan.

21. At the end of the banquet scene, Macbeth tells his wife that Macduff did not come to the celebration. Then he says, “We are yet but young in deed.” What does he mean?

a. They are just learning how to rule.
b. They are very young to be rulers.

c. They are not finished with their troubles.
d. They are innocent of any crimes.

22. What is the main purpose of Act IV of Macbeth?

a. to foreshadow the death of Macduff’s family
b. to foreshadow the fall of Macbeth

c. to foreshadow Malcolm’s future
d. to foreshadow the rise of Banquo’s son, Fleance

23. At the beginning of Act IV, a witch calls out “Something wicked this way comes” just as Macbeth approaches. What can you infer from her comment?

a. Even the witches think Macbeth is evil.
b. Macbeth has not done anything evil yet.

c. The witches know that their evil masters will soon appear.
d. The witches think that Hecate is near.

24. What kind of person is Macduff’s son?

a. shy and innocent
b. fearful and confused

c. cheerful and silly
d. questioning and brave

25. In the end of Act IV of Macbeth, Malcolm is ready to go fight Macbeth. He says, “Macbeth is ripe for shaking and the Pow’rs above put on their instruments.” What is he saying?

a. Macbeth is near, and the bells are warning them. b. Macbeth is scared, and it is time to defeat Macbeth.

c. They are scared of Macbeth and wonder if they should retreat.
d. They are too close to Macbeth, and they are warned from above to stop.

26. What do the witches’ apparitions tell Macbeth to do?

a. to kill Macduff’s wife b. to go to England

c. to be wary Macduff
d. to cut down Great Birnam Wood

27. The third murderer present for the killing of Banquo is

a. injured by accident and left to die. b. Macbeth.

c. unnamed but related to Banquo.
d. unexplained.

28. Which image is used repeatedly throughout the play?

a. armies in battle
b. ships at sea

c. rivers
d. blood

29. What plan do Macduff and Malcolm settle on at the end of Act IV?

a. to invade Scotland
b. to escape Macbeth together

c. to fight each other for rule of Scotland
d. to remain in London

30. Why does Malcolm tell Macduff that Macduff is not fit to rule Scotland?

a. He does not like Macduff and wants to make him leave. b. He doesn’t trust Macduff at first and wants to see if he is an enemy of Macbeth.

c. He is sick and sometimes does not know what he is saying.
d. He is trying to be honest with Macduff by telling him what he is really like.

31. What happens to Macduff’s wife and child?

a. They flee Scotland for London.
b. They leave Macduff because they think he is loyal to Macbeth.

c. They are killed by Macbeth’s men.
d. They follow Macduff to London to escape Macbeth.

32. What is the main idea of the sleepwalking scene in Act V of Macbeth?

a. Evil people always get sick. b. It’s hard to get over a guilty conscience.

c. Wives should not be blamed for what their husbands do.
d. Wives are as guilty as their husbands for evil actions.

33. What can you infer from the doctor’s treatment of Lady Macbeth about the practice of medicine during the time of the play?

a.Doctors knew little about emotional distress.
b. Doctors were skilled at treating battle wounds.

c. Doctors knew little about treating common illnesses.
d. Doctors treated only members of royal families.

34. In Act V, Scene I, Lines 76–77 of Macbeth, why does the doctor tell the gentlewoman to remove from Lady Macbeth “the means of all annoyance”?

a. He believes Lady Macbeth has done a noble deed and should be honored.
b. He is concerned about Lady Macbeth because she has been acting strangely.

c. He is trying to deceive Lady Macbeth so he can kill her.
d. He is confused and believes Lady Macbeth is actually Lady Macduff.

35. In lines 14–15 of Act V, Scene iii, Macbeth has no patience for his servant. He says, “Go prick thy face and over-red thy fear. / Thou lily-livered boy.” What does his treatment of the servant tell you about how Macbeth’s character has changed?

a. He has grown brutal.
b. He has remained honorable.

c. He has become a coward.
d. He has lost his confidence.

36. Why does Lady Macbeth kill herself?

a. She knows Macbeth will lose his crown.
b. She cannot bear her guilt.

c. She is under attack by Malcolm’s army.
d. She is afraid of Macbeth.

37. Why does Malcolm tell his soldiers to cut down branches of trees to carry as they march?

a. so Macbeth can see that Birnam Wood is moving
b. so his men will not see how formidable the castle is that they are to attack

c. so they can use the branches to start a fire and burn down the castle
d. so Macbeth will not know how many men are in the army

38. When does Macbeth first realize that he has been tricked by the prophecies of the witches?

a. when he learns of Lady Macbeth’s madness b. when he fights Young Siward

c. when he learns that Lady Macbeth has killed herself
d. when he sees Birnam Wood moving toward him

39. In the final battle, Macbeth fights bravely, even after he learns he will probably die. What do these actions suggest about him?

a. Macbeth still desired the crown and could not change his path of wrong doings. b. Macbeth never believed the witches’ prophecies and would kill them.

c. Macbeth remained an honorable man throughout the play and was noble.
d. Macbeth acts foolishly, and he is trying to impress Lady Macduff.

40. In her mad scene, Lady Macbeth declares, “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” To what is she referring?

a. It is an imaginary spot that stands for the evil done by Macbeth. b. The spot represents Malcolm, who is now attacking Macbeth at Dunsinane.

c. She imagines she has Duncan’s blood on her hands.
d. The spot represents the gentlewoman who is spying on her with the doctor.

Part B: True or False

Determine whether each statement is true or false.

41. The Globe theater was famous for its elaborate sets.

a. true b. false

42. The Globe Theater was destroyed by arsonists.

a. true
b. false

43. Plays at the Globe were performed during the day.

a. true
b. false

44. In Elizabethan times, plays left many details to the imagination.

a. true b. false

45. In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses bad weather to express a somber mood.

a. true
b. false

46. Macbeth is the only tragedy Shakespeare ever wrote.

a. true b. false

47. In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses soliloquies to reveal characters’ inner thoughts.

a. true
b. false

48. An aside is a private remark to one character or to the audience that other characters don’t hear.

a. true
b. false

49. Macbeth kills Fleance, who is the Earl of Northumberland and general of the English forces.

a. true b. false

50. The witches prophesized that no man born of woman would kill Macbeth.

a. true

b. false

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