Unit 7 Module 7 M7 Discussions psychology homework help

Complete the weekly discussion post:

Based on two peer-reviewed periodicals, identify and describe 2 ways counselors/counselors-in-training can develop multicultural counseling competence (or sensitivity). This does not have to be specific to a single cultural group.


Using what you have identified in the literature and what we discussed in class, describe how you can apply these strategies to improve your cultural awareness.

REMEMBER: Discussion Posts must include the following: critical analysis of the topic; graduate-level writing; correct APA form; content that meaningfully contributes to the classroom discussion and others’ learning; and, appropriate references to the required readings (e.g., textbook and ethical codes) and at least two additional peer-reviewed resources.

Posts must be posted online by Sunday 11:59pm EST and 2 Response Posts must be posted online by Tuesday 11:59pm EST to receive credit. See the syllabus for the Grading Rubric.

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