VPN Frame Relay network management assignment help

Task 1

1- Define VPN technology

2- Benefits of VPN

3- Components of VPN

4-Characteristics of secure VPN

Task 2

1-Definition of Frame Relay.

2-Benefits of Frame Relay

3. Virtual Circuit and DLCI no

4. Frame Relay topologies

5. Frame relay address mapping

6. Configuration of Frame Relay

7- Select one or more than one published paper (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL)

that/those is/are discussing one aspect of Frame Relay. Summarize this paper in one page.

The summary should include the main ideas presented in the paper.

Task 3

Critically evaluate and analyse Remote Network Monitoring by comparing two published paper (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL). These papers should include an evaluative element (such as scope, significance, strengths and weakness of RMON). The comparison should include the main idea presented in the papers with appropriate justification.

required to write comments as a reflection of task 3 keep task 3 in single work file task 3 i need 4 pages

Notes: Citation and references and photo required. References should be from 2010 to 2017. All this assignment should be not less 15 pages. Also the similarity should be not more 5%. Don’t forget references should be by Harvard stile.

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