Walmart supply chain policy assignment help

Topic: Walmart supply chain policy

Paper requirements – Group to apply the key concepts learned in our course (from the text, articles and class presentations) to the selected topic by focusing and analysis of topics selected, security issues, risks in Supply Chain Management. Paper should evaluate the topic and key risk factors, issues described to evaluate alternative courses of action, interpreting data, evaluation of results of past actions, technology, budget and development of new strategies for approved organization chosen to research.

I. Introduction or Abstract

Describe the topics about the selected organization and will address in this paper.

II. Discussion

Select from the discussion paragraph topics the subject matter each student will research regarding the organization chosen. Focus on critical analysis summarizing the topic and how it applies at the respective organization. use 3rd person, do not copy material directly from an article, case study or company website. APA formatting is required throughout your paper.

III. Conclusion

Include a summary of the key points you identified in the paper.

IV. Reference(s) Separate Page

12pt one half page (single space)


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