what is history discussion board



Watch the video, read the link and write your opinions (in 150words) . Then respond to your classmates with 2-3 sentences.

-the discussions to respond-

1- “watching the video start crying of me I couldn’t imagine how they could for 1 second i put myself on that time my god impossible…..Systems of slavery and forced labor were pervasive throughout the Atlantic World in the late 16th and early 17th centuries but they existed in various forms and for an array of purposes. Enslavement could be a permanent or a temporary condition and a wide range of peoples could be subject to captivity, forced labor, or enslavement as they moved through the Atlantic World. Forms of bondage and captivity were used with captives of war, as payment or collateral for debt and even as punishment for crime or as a means of moral redemption. The form of racialized slavery in the Americas in which Africans were viewed as labor units and as chattel and used primarily on plantations to produce specialized crops for foreign markets was unique among systems of slavery.”

2- “I am at a loss of words. After viewing the video for this assignment I am completely appalled. I am a visual person and when I read about the boat ride I was disturbed but after viewing the movie I… I think that the true history should be taught instead of a cover-up, everyone has the right to know what happened. When I was in high school we tiptoed around slavery to the point wherein our highschool’s play they cut out a part of the play that covered slavery, and another was shut down because it was written to talk about the horrors of history. “God bless you son. God bless you. God forgives you and loves everyone.” That is what I translated, the priest was saying a final prayer over these poor people. It’s sad to think that, that was the only thing he could do to help them. Watch all of them being dragged onto the ship. I found it uplifting that the Native Americans resisted the Englishmen, at least they survived the atrocities that would have befallen them.

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