Wind Production Data writing homework help

Refer to the Excel spreadsheet entitled, “Wind Production Data” for this part of the assignment.The data in the spreadsheet describes the production of a set of eight wind farms (labeled A toH) over a 24-hour period. The second line of the spreadsheet gives the MW rating of each farm,i.e., the maximum amount of power that each farm could possibly produce. The remaining linesshow how much energy (MWh) each farm is expected to produce during each hour. Theproduction of each farm is assumed to remain constant during each hour.

Instructions: Create two graphics based on this data.

Purpose and Audience:
Graphic #1: is designed for the system operator who needs to know how much each farmwill produce at each hour so he/she can operate the system accordingly.

Graphic #2: illustrates the relative financial performance of these eight wind farms. Inparticular, it should compare the amount of energy that each farm has produced over thewhole day. To ensure a fair comparison, you must take into account the rating of each farm.

What is meant by a “fair comparison”?
Some of the wind farms are rated at 600MW while others are rated at 150 MW. The 600 MWwind farms should be producing more because they are bigger. The production of each farmshould therefore be normalized by its rating to make it “fair.”

Things to Note:

Be sure to choose the appropriate type of graphic for the intended purpose.

You may use the software tool of your choice for this exercise.

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