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Thoreau’s essay, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, sets forth his concerns about the Mexican-American War, existence, and expansion of slavery in the United States in the mid-1800s. His conscience and beliefs compelled him to act on behalf of people he would never meet. Additionally, his beliefs, Transcendentalism, meant that he believed that to be a physical prisoner behind bars who acted on his morals and concerns makes him more “free” than someone who is physically free to come and go but fails to act in a manner consistent with his moral beliefs due to a lack of courage, apathy, or similar failing.

I ask you now to do something similar. Please identify a societal or political issue that would motivate you to undertake actions of civil disobedience (disobeying the law, orders, or presidential directives, etc.). Specify the issues, what acts of civil disobedience you would pursue, and how you believe it would have any effect on the issues you specified.

The submission should be two pages of double-spaced text plus references and in-text citations (both of which should be in APA format). Your submission shall be at least three pages long (two pages of text, one page of references – no requirement for a cover page, abstract, etc.

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