writing essay to connect between the matrix and the allegory of the cave and our real live with covid 19

This is what I wrote

One way to connect:

When Morpheus( Laurence Fishburne) gave Neo( Keanu Reeves) an option to choose between blue or red pill. He said what do you want to do. Do you want to take the blue pill that give you the truth or you want to stay happen and comfortable with red pill within the lie. I think the governors trying to extend lock down they offering us the blue pill the truth. they must continue the lock down. however, the other governors who says that we have to open everything up, so people get money in their pocket those people who are taking the red pill right now. They believe that everything will be okay. We just can’t do that

For example, the people they are going to the beach. They take the red pill. They just want to forget about it, and enjoy them self. However, the people who say they will not go to the beach even they say I can go, but I am not going. They do the hard thing the blue pill the less enjoyable option, but still it is the truth.

Some of the people are able to work right now with all this social restriction while there are other people have more physical job. They are not able to work right now. Therefore, almost people who are able to work right now, they are able to sort to be in the matrix, and the people not able to work. It is like they don’t have connect to what they need to get lock in to whatever reason because of their job or their technology. There are some people are living in false realty or we can say it’s different realty. Because we have people who is living in this beautiful clean reality where were able to work and they have money and everything is great, and there are people who are living in dirt horrible world your job froze, your money froze, and now you don’t know to pay your rent.

When all unemployed people get their check back, it would be difficult because there are have a lot people they have nothing per months and months and then how the economy had to pay thousands in couple months

the red pill is just if we open the economy will get start everything will be fin because that it is ignoring the actual health risk while blue pill it going to be hard to stay shut down, but that what we need to do to save lives we going to hell because when Neo takes the blue pill he gets out of the matrix and he is living in hell because the realty in the movie is hell.

this link is for the movie Matrix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEXv-rVWAu8

this is the prompt:

English 124

Essay 2: The Allegory of the Matrix

In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we are introduced to a form of humanity shackled in chains, in a form of perceptual bondage.

In The Matrix by the Wachowski sisters we are introduced to a dark future where humanity is imprisoned physically and perceptually by a form of manipulative Artificial Intelligence.

And in our daily lives we also experience a limiting of our social perspective regarding Covid-19.

If Neo could rescue humanity from Plato’s cave, what would that rescue look like today in a world where people are constantly battling the influence of misinformation while trying to stay safe?

Are there any modern figures in reality that have acted as a Neo or a Plato, in the current age of coronavirus, liberating humanity from their incorrect thinking? If we listen to these modern truth-tellers, how will our lives be made better?

MLA format

3 outside sources

3 pages

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