How to write a goal in term paper

The purpose of the term paper is usually one.

Many students write term paper on the “just pass” principle, but such a goal formulation will not work. The goal should be related to the work topic, with the research result (scientific or practical, and not conditioned by the organization of training).

Term papers can reflect a different approach:

  • For purely theoretical work (which are usually written in the first years), you can formulate the course work’s purpose as follows: “Study of the topic.” This reflects a purely educational focus of work.
  • For design work, the course work’s purpose is formulated using the nouns “development” or “design”.
  • For works containing recommendations for improving any aspect of the enterprise, they are the goal.

How to write tasks in term paper

term paperAfter it was possible to determine the goal, you can write the term paper’s tasks.

If the goal is based on a topic, then the tasks are modified items of the work plan (table of contents).

The exact correspondence between the tasks and paragraphs of the main text will make it easier later to write the conclusion (which should reflect the solution to the tasks set in the introduction) – it will be enough to bring together the decisions by paragraphs.

Tasks are associated with specific actions, so their formulation usually begins with a verb (less often with verbal nouns).

Useful verbs for formulating tasks:

  • Familiarize
  • Explore
  • Organize
  • Classify
  • Describe
  • Lead.
  • Reveal
  • Estimate
  • Compare
  • Transfer
  • Analyze
  • Develop
  • Design

The number of tasks should coincide with the number of points in the plan (assignments are most often written in second-level items – paragraphs. Chapter titles are not included in the list of tasks since they serve as generalizations for paragraphs).

Tips on how to write the purpose and objectives of the term paper

term paperAlthough the introduction goes down to the work’s main body, it is not always convenient to write it first. Suppose one can formulate the goal immediately after receiving the work’s topic and its requirements (the methodological instructions usually indicate whether the work should be of a purely theoretical, analytical or design nature). In that case, it is better not to rush to write tasks.

At a minimum, writing tasks should be postponed until written and approved by the plan manager not to do unnecessary work (if changes are made to the plan, studies will have to be redone). But even this does not guarantee that after writing the central part of the coursework, you will not have to make edits. During the research, previously unaccounted for aspects of the topic emerge, there is a need for additional developments, or changes occur in the subject area that forces the content of the work to change.

None of the tasks should completely repeat the goal. Otherwise, the question will arise why all the other functions are needed. The logic of the study determines the order of the functions:

First, you need to study what has already been created on the topic being developed (theoretical chapter). Simultaneously, the issues under consideration deepen – first, the most general aspects (basic concepts) are described, then more narrow ones.

Further, it is analyzed “as is” in the subject area.


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